Who is Your Competition? Part Deux

A few months back, I wrote a post on competition. If you missed it, check it out here: Who is Your Competition?

Evidently it ruffled a few feathers around town. Heard people calling me (behind my back) everything from a cocksucker to an asshole. All of a sudden I was the renegade gym owner.

11144969_896379907102181_3236124580503235179_nIt was almost comical because people that actually know me, how I run the gym, and the great lengths I go to help people would contend the exact opposite. Primal Nation loved the post actually because it put training in perspective and reminded people to focus on themselves.

The fact of the matter is that those who were offended missed the entire point of the post, and just as I said you shouldn’t, they let emotions and “competition” get in their head.

The reason I bring this previous post back up is to not open old wounds. I’m writing this because recently I found myself being a hypocrite. You see, I started to let “competition” creep into my mind over the last two weeks as I approach my Strongman competition on Saturday.

When they posted the latest competitor list, I started sizing people up in my head.

“Wonder how many reps this guy can get on the car deadlift?” “How much can this dude log press?” “Is this guy more conditioned than me and faster in the carry medley?”

When I started wondering what my competitors were doing, I immediately had to revisit my previous post on competition and heed my own advice. I was wasting time and energy thinking about shit that didn’t matter.

What they are doing and what they are capable of doing on Saturday is irrelevant. What I should be asking is…

“Did I do everything in my power to prepare myself?” “Did I push myself hard enough in training?” “Did I do the dirty work and attack my weaknesses?” “What can I do right now, tomorrow, and the next day to better myself?”

If you can’t answer those questions, then fuck your competition. You are screwed.


YOU control your destiny.

YOU make the choices today that have an impact tomorrow.

YOU put in the effort today that will make YOU stronger a month from now.

YOU choose to attack your weaknesses and do the things YOU don’t want to do because YOU know that those things will make YOU better.

YOU choose to train on the weekends when everyone else is out having fun because YOU know that greatness doesn’t rest.

It’s all YOU.

You can’t control other people but you damn sure can control yourself.

So when it comes time for you to be truly face to face with your competition, did YOU do everything it takes to put yourself in the best position to conquer?

I know I did, so regardless of how things turn out for me on Saturday, I can rest easy.

— Tank

2 thoughts on “Who is Your Competition? Part Deux”

  1. Tank thanks for being honest with your thoughts. Yes its all about your personal journey and if others don't like it then its "their" issue not yours. The fact that you write your post and give info for free you are doing your part of helping others. If they don't like your gym or feel unconformable its their issue. They could join somewhere else or speak to you directly. Its a coward that runs behind peoples backs to complain. If you want respect then speak up for yourself. If you make a mistake own it.
    Being primal is all about being Alpha. We need more alpha males in this world being leaders. So thanks again.
    Brad Davis, Inwood WV.

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