What is Your Excuse?

How many of you have ever said any of these things?  If you say you haven’t, I call bullsh*t!

I’ll admit I have (I’m all over #8 and #18).

  1. “I don’t have time to work out today.”
  2. “Damn, I didn’t make it to the gym today.  I’ll just start fresh next week.”
  3. “7 am???  I’m too tired to get out of bed.”
  4. “I haven’t eaten enough today.”
  5. “Holy sh*t!  It is way too hot outside to run hill sprints.”
  6. “I didn’t get my pre-workout drink in so I don’t have much energy.”strength
  7. “Let’s just skip this last set of squats and go straight to curls.”
  8. “Ehh, training session went over an hour, let’s just stretch extra tomorrow.”
  9. “I don’t need to do deadlifts, I already do the leg press.”
  10. “I only use machines.”
  11. “How in the hell do I do that exercise?  Looks too hard to learn, better just go hit up some cable flyes.”
  12. “That guy/girl just has good genetics; I’ll never look that good so why even try.”
  13. “I don’t squat below parallel, it hurts my knees.”
  14. “I’m not ready to go hard yet, I’m just getting back into it.”
  15. “Ugh, I’m so sore, I better just lift light weights today.”
  16. “It is too expensive to eat healthy.”
  17. “Bummer, I simply can’t afford a gym membership.”
  18. “I don’t have time to make all of my meals for the week on Sunday.”
  19. “I want to cut body fat but it is just too hard to cut back on the carbs.”
  20. “I’m so full, I can’t make myself eat anything else to build muscle.”

But the cold hard truth is that these are weak ass excuses.  Excuses are success killers and only serve to validate our moments of weakness.

We all use excuses, it is human nature.  The key here is to recognize a shi*tty excuse when you hear one, and have some personal accountability.


Only then will you realize that you always have a choice.

A choice to be weak or a choice to be strong.

A choice to quit or a choice to adapt.

A choice to accept defeat or a choice to fight back.

Never accept defeat.  Every day you are alive and breathing, you are in the fight, so make it count.

Crush the weakness, throw out the excuses, and attack life, the weight room, and all of your other pursuits and dreams with every ounce of energy you have.

So, what is your excuse now?

Just remember, the choice is yours…


— Tank


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