What I Learned at the Arnold

Let me start off by saying that there is nothing more humbling than being around some of the biggest, baddest, fittest, and strongest people in the world for a few days.

It is easy to walk into the local gym and feel like you own the place.  You may even feel “elite” amongst the crowds there.  But come spend a few days at the biggest fitness convention in the world and you will probably feel like I did, small and self conscious.  Reality hits hard.

But being there taught me a very valuable lesson; one that I need to remember on a daily basis to let it fuel me to be the best.

So what is the lesson?  The lesson is that no matter how hard you think you are working, you could work harder, and in some cases, I bet the difference between what you are actually doing and what you are truly capable of is substantially far apart.

strength training

Seeing all these monsters and impressive people made me realize that they are working harder than me.  Plain and simple.  There isn’t any denying it.  They look like that for a reason.

And I’m not just talking about at the gym.  It is obvious they are kicking my ass in diet and nutrition, and the other important aspects of being a fitness pro.

Now granted, these guys are professionals and they are paid to work out in most cases, but they weren’t always that way.  They put in the work to get these jobs in the first place.  They overcame whatever circumstances and hardships they had when they were rookies and transformed themselves into remarkable looking individuals.

No matter what your circumstances are, I can almost guarantee there are things you can do to overcome, and it really all comes down to working harder.

Remember my post about “living in your vision”?  If not, check it out here.  Watch the video; it is big-time inspirational.

Figure out where you aren’t working hard enough and emphasize it.  Maybe you have a regimented diet but you don’t push yourself to bang out those extra reps in the gym.  Or maybe you are like me and kill it in the gym, but don’t eat properly to achieve the goals you want.

Whatever it comes down to, nobody is going to do the work for you.  Do you want to look like one of the best?  The secret is you have to work harder.  Harder than you are already working and much harder than your competition.


— Tank

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