Uncaging Your Primal Strength

The Details

This is the flagship training program for Primal that has been used by hundreds of people around the world.The Uncaging Your Primal Strength program is a complete 8 week training cycle designed to build both strength and muscle mass.

A lot of training programs are built around strength cycles or hypertrophy cycles, but the Uncaging program combines concepts from both to ensure your growth in both areas.

I designed this program around both proven principles of strength training, and my years of experience in lifting. As a Strongman competitor, I know what it takes to develop strength, build mass, and eliminate weaknesses.

This program will maximize your training frequency and optimize your recovery periods. With Uncaging, you will also improve on a variety of movements spanning the entire spectrum of strength training: barbell, dumbbell, bodyweight, and kettlebell.

With this eBook, you will receive:

A complete background on the training concepts that are the foundation for the program

An exact blueprint for your next 8 weeks of training to include exercises, set and rep schemes, rest times, and a training schedule

8 weeks worth of training worksheets

The knowledge and training routine that has helped hundreds of people across the world make huge gains

Hear what customers had to say
about the Uncaging program:


I had so much fun with this program, and my numbers from week 1 to week 8 steadily improved. My bench improved by 14 pounds, my squat by 66 pounds, my overhead press by 10 pounds, and my deadlift by a massive 74 pounds!


Uncaging has really helped my strength training. It showed me that you don’t always have to train high reps. It has helped me see, and feel a whole other way of weight lifting


I was really impressed with the Uncaging Your Primal Strength program. All of the information in the eBook is presented in a clear and easily digestible way and Tank’s knowledge and passion for strength training really shines through in his writing style and attention to detail. In addition to the written program, Tank also fosters a very active online community in which users of the program can support each other, ask for advice and offer motivation when needed. All in all, this has been one of the most positive and rewarding experiences I have had in the fitness industry and I would heartily recommend the Uncaging program to anyone!” – Mark Gray, Salisbury, United Kingdom.


Not only did I drop body fat during my 8 weeks, but I also added more than 100 pounds to my lifting totals and hit new personal records on several lifts!

Ready to build serious muscle and strength?


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