Training Programs

I’ve been in the iron game for more than a decade now. 

I have invaluable experience training myself to perform at a high level, and to compete in Strongman. 

I’ve trained countless numbers of people ranging from clients completely new to weightlifting, to powerlifters, to other Strongmen/Strongwomen, to competitive athletes.

Through all of these experiences, you learn a thing or two about life and lifting. The biggest thing you will ever learn is that knowledge is power.

I’ve spent a small fortune on my lifting education. I’ve got years under my belt arming myself with the knowledge to benefit other people and to elevate my own training. I’ve got blood, sweat, and tears devoted into my own training that teach you the hard lessons of lifting, how to overcome obstacles, and how not to make the same mistakes I did.

Personal records and accomplishments come and go. But the one thing that can never be taken away from you is knowledge. It is vitally important that you never stop learning and evolving.

This is my mission with the following products. I want to arm you with the knowledge that will transform you into a better lifter, a stronger version of yourself, and give you a better life. I don’t take this task lightly and neither should you.

My Programs are Built to:

  • Skyrocket your strength
  • Pack on serious muscle
  • Shred unwanted body fat
  • Eliminate weaknesses
  • Build intense mental toughness
  • Enhance your lifestyle
  • Make you successful in LIFE


Primitive Methods. Proven Results