Train Like an Animal, Walk Like an Animal

Are you ready for a new challenge?  Tired of the same old bodyweight routine?  Time to unleash a whole new set of movements that will add a huge boost to your bodyweight training.

Animal Walks

My concept for Primal Strength Camp revolved around training primitively, getting back to the roots of man and moving our bodies like we were intended to.  If I’m truly Primal, I need to not only train like an animal, I need to walk like one too!  Primal man was a beast!

Animal walks are a great set of movements, not only for their simplicity, but their versatility as well.  You can do them anywhere and they are easy to modify for increased difficulty.  You can progress to going up stairs, using dumbbells, going longer distances, or even wearing a weighted vest.

They are a great total body movement, especially for your back, triceps, shoulders, and core, and they will also test your conditioning levels.  I like to incorporate them into a dynamic warmup or a high intensity finisher.

They are tough, don’t let them fool you!

Try this as a finisher to your workout:

  • Pushups x 20
  • Bear crawl 50 feet forwards
  • High Jumps
  • Bear Crawl 50 feet backwards

Do this for a couple of rounds.  You can substitute other walks as well (crab walks, hand walks, etc.)

Check out this example of a modified bear crawl using roughly 30 pounds of resistance per arm.



— Tank

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