There is No “I” in Success

Rarely do people succeed alone.

Most people have at least one person they can rely on.  The lucky ones have many.

I am one of the lucky ones.

Primal Strength Camp is in its infancy stages, but even before it began I had believers behind me.  It was because of them that I had the courage to make this business legit.

The culmination of that support came this past Friday night.  I came home to a surprise party that had been in the works for weeks right under my nose.  T-shirts, cake, balloons, the whole nine yards.  I’m not one for surprises and being the center of attention, but I have to say it felt good.  I was blown away by the effort that went into making it a special night and it will go down as one of those days I will always remember.Primal Strength

Find your supporting cast.  And once you do, treat em right.

Going at it alone will always be an uphill battle and the celebrations of victory won’t be nearly as sweet.  Assemble that supporting cast and be one of the lucky ones.  They will take you further than you can ever get alone.

A special thanks goes to Curtis Walke, my main man, training partner and master planner; my beautiful wife Christine, who always goes above and beyond what I ever expect and deserve; and all my friends who have shown their support for this venture (especially the ACAC crew that rolled in strong this past Friday)!

Another special thanks goes out to all those following on Facebook, and those who visit this website.  I truly believe in the things I write, and I am constantly thinking of new ways to get people stronger and motivate them for life!  Thanks to all of you; let’s keep the momentum up!  Sign up for the newsletter, and let me hear about things that you want to hear about.  I’ll do my best to make it happen!

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