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Are You a Doer?

A lot of times, the distance between where we are in life and where we want to be is not that great.

It may seem way far out there, but the reality is that it may just be a matter of “doing” before you close the gap.


I knew for years that I wanted to be a strength coach before I made it happen.  I always had some reason (some good, some bad) that prevented me from getting certified.  Finally, one day I woke up and said “F**k it.  This is my passion and this is what I’m going to do.” I signed up that day.

After being certified I knew I didn’t want to train people in a box gym and that I only wanted to pour my energy out to people that were truly serious about training.  I wanted to train my way and help people not make the same mistakes I did.  So once again I said “F**k it.”  And I founded Primal Strength Camp.

Within 8 months I went from an uncertified dreamer to owning my own training business.

strength training

Now this may seem very quick, and some of you may be thinking “How the hell is this guy qualified to train people?  He hasn’t paid his dues with ‘in the trenches’ experience, yadda yadda yadda.”

That is a fair point actually and I would never advocate people taking shortcuts.  But the truth is I’ve been training for a long time, with all kinds of different people, in all kinds of different places.

This all serves to prove my point though.  I accomplished more in 8 months for my strength career than I did the previous 8 years all because I turned into a “doer”.  I made the conscious decision to act rather than simply dream.

For years I worked my day job, crushed the gym at night and gave out tons of free advice, wrote programs for people, coached them up for free when they should have been paying for a trainer.  And yet, there I was, being a “don’ter”.  Looking back on it I think, where would I be now if I started back then?

Are you ready to be a “doer”?  

If you have a dream, I implore you to take control of your future and get sh*t done.

Stop wasting time just thinking about it.  That won’t get you anywhere.  I speak from experience…

Don’t be like me.  If you wait too long, it might just be too late.


— Tank