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Standing Your Ground

I was at an art gallery a few weeks back.

Pretty cultured of me huh?

Anyhow, there were a lot of impressive photographs, paintings, and digital art prints in the exhibit.

But this one really caught my eye.

gym motivation

I admired it at first glance and then strolled along to check out the rest of the gallery, but found myself coming back to this one in particular multiple times. It really spoke to me and I’ve thought about it almost daily ever since.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder one could say, but taking a deeper look at this picture I think it tells a really compelling story.

This city is teetering on a cliff in the middle of a harsh sea. Waves are crashing all around it, tearing at its base, threatening its very existence. But yet, showing a touch of aging and wear, it still stands tall in the face of precarious circumstances. It’s showing strength in a sea of adversity with no signs of backing down, despite its very foundation crumbling around it. It’s defiant in the face of overwhelming danger. It’s enduring.

Is this not a metaphor for life? Perhaps it’s a metaphor for YOUR life, right this very second?

As the old saying goes, “shit happens”.  We all live in harsh seas.  One minute you are riding high, the next minute your foundation is shaky and you are struggling to stay above the surface.

The question then becomes, will you stand up and fight defiantly like this city in the sea? Or will you drown?

I ask this question many times in my own life, and in relation to this very business.

You see, the strength and conditioning world is a competitive place. Primal Strength Camp is 2 years old now and I’m proud of how far it has come. But it’s easy to find myself in a sea of doubt when comparing myself to some of the bigger names in the business who have been at it much longer than I have. It’s easy to want to compromise and try to be like other huge fitness pages that don’t really post anything of value, just googled recycled memes. It’s tempting to try and come up with diet or training gimmicks with fancy marketing that insinuate an easy way out, rather than be honest with people and tell them that it takes brutally hard work. It would be easy to compromise my values and training philosophies to be “more appealing” to the masses and get more clients.

But I prefer to be on my cliff, defiant and uncompromising in the face of all odds.

I’m confident in my strength and I believe in what I do. That’s what allows me to stand my ground and press forward in what I believe is a positive direction.

So what about you? Is there something in your life that you need to stand up for, despite negative circumstances?

Do you have the fortitude to stand on your cliff and fight against wave after wave of adversity?

I know you do. I believe in you without even having to know you because I believe in the power of the mind.

But it doesn’t matter what I believe because ultimately it comes down to what you believe about yourself.

Find your strength. Use it to defy the odds, to overcome negative circumstances, to stand tall on that cliff when the rain and waves are crashing over you.  No matter how bleak the horizon looks, your willingness to fight through the storms will make the difference between your ultimate success and getting swept out to sea.

Sometimes it gets lonely being that city in the sea. But rising above it all, I bet it has a hell of a view.

You must endure Primal Nation. You must endure.

— Tank

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