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Home to multiple nationally qualified strongman athletes, including a national record holder, the Primal Strength Gym is the premier strength and conditioning facility in Charlottesville VA and surrounding areas.

While known for strongman, Primal also specializes in:

  • Powerlifting
  • Sports performance
  • General strength and conditioning

Becoming a nationally recognized brand, Primal has been featured on EliteFTS as well as Finding Strength, a documentary series highlighting the best gyms, coaches, and athletes in the United States.

EliteFTS Article on the Primal Strength Gym

We are a strength and conditioning facility built around a community of like-minded ass kickers. Unlike most commercial facilities, the Primal Strength Gym prides itself on a gritty, no-nonsense environment that breeds increased performance and success.

We are the first and ONLY Strongman gym in Charlottesville, with equipment featuring atlas stones, car deadlift, log press, viking press, kegs, yoke, hussafell stone, circus dumbbells, and other Strongman implements.

Watch some action from the Primal Strength Gym here!

The Primal Strength Gym is conveniently located in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia at 1112 East Market Street (Unit 29-I) and is outfitted by the world class supplier and strength crew at EliteFTS, along with Rogue Fitness, Beast Metals, and other high-profile manufacturers.
There are current membership openings. To contact the Primal Strength Gym and set up a visit, please call 202-286-4334 or email You can also keep up with the action at the Primal Strength Gym by following our Facebook page —> here.

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  1. Hey my name is Ray Shelton. I live in bedford, Va and have just began training strongman about two months ago. I currently train in Lynchburg and twice a month drive up to Roanoke to train events. I just recently found out about primal strength and was interested in maybe coming there to train my event days. I was curious if you guys had a daily rate I could pay to come train my two sessions a month? Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I would like to know more about your strong man comp coming up. Where can i get a form to sign up? weight classes ect??

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