Online Coaching

Connor Farmers

Do you want to train with me but aren’t located in the Charlottesville, VA area?

That’s okay!

I offer online coaching for anyone looking for a personalized strength and conditioning program. With online coaching, you will receive:

  • Initial consultation to go over your specific goals, current strength numbers, and body composition
  • A full 8-week program that is tailored to our consultation discussions and built around meeting your goals, to include workout templates
  • Knowledge to understand not only the “how” of the program, but the “why”, so you can replicate your success for the future
  • Guaranteed once a week check in with me to go over progress, discuss the weeks training, correct any issues that you are experiencing, and make any necessary adjustments
  • 24/7 contact information for me to augment scheduled weekly check-ins
  • And of course…MEASURABLE RESULTS!

My online coaching is thorough and not some cookie-cutter program that’s not made for your personal needs. Primal’s online coaching is a dynamic experience.

Not only will I give you personalized programming, but I will review videos of your lifts to correct form/technique and coach you to improve your lifts. We will make adjustments every step of the way to maximize your results. Our weekly check-ins will be personable, educational, and motivational.

When you invest in me with your strength and conditioning goals, my mission is to re-invest all of my knowledge and help back into you to ensure your success.

It is a privilege for me to reach such a wide audience, and I’m psyched to spread my success from my own lifting and the athletes at the Primal Strength Gym to people across the world!

The Details

Online coaching is an extraordinary opportunity for you to get the hands on training that is producing all of the rising athletes and ass kickers from the Primal Strength Gym! I have produced multiple Strongman winners since the gym opened its doors, improved strength and sports performance for countless clients, and helped people change their bodies by shredding fat and packing on muscle,  and I’m psyched to spread that to the hundreds of thousands of visitors to and the more than 10,000 loyal followers of Primal Nation.

How does it work?

  1. You will apply to have me coach you for at least 8 weeks. (You can always renew and stay on longer)
  2. The application is completed by filling out a form (via the application button below).
  3. You will fill out the questionnaire honestly and accurately.Girl Groups
  4. After I receive the application form, I will review it to determine if we are a good fit.
  5. If I accept your application, I will send you a link to which you can accept online-coaching and invest in the process.
  6. Once that is completed, we will get together either via phone, email or Skype for an initial consultation. During that time we will discuss your goals, past health and training history, current strength numbers, where you currently train and equipment you have access to, and any other questions/concerns you have.
  7. Within one week of our consultation, I will have a fully customized 8-week program sent to you.
  8. You will review the program, and ask me any questions you have. If adjustments should be made, I will make them.
  9. You start kicking ass in your training, following the program to every detail, giving 100% effort.
  10. Once a week, I will do a weekly check in. This will be a free flow discussion of how your training is going and how to proceed forward. (You will also have my contact information, so if daily check ins are necessary, that will be arranged as well).
  11. After 8 weeks, you will be one strong SOB, and if you want to keep kicking ass, we can do it all over again!

The fee for online coaching is $150, which breaks down to less than $20 a week! This is an extraordinary value when you consider that you will get 8 weeks of personalized programming, technique coaching, and weekly check-ins.

The application process is FREE, so you have nothing to lose!


While I can provide you with nutrition advice, to include personalized caloric intake and macro-nutrient requirements, I do not provide meal plans. If you are shopping for precise meal plans, you should only seek those through qualified and reputable nutritionists.

Who am I?


So who am I to coach you anyway? For a deeper look into me as a coach, check out my bio HERE!

For the highlight reel version, I’ve been in strength and conditioning for over a decade. I am a strength coach and Strongman competitor. I am also the owner of the Primal Strength Gym located in Charlottesville, VA. In my first year of business, Primal produced ten Top 3 finishes in Strongman competitions across the region, including 5 overall wins, all from people who have never competed before. Primal is home to multiple Nationally qualified strength athletes.

I specialize in strength development, not only coaching Strongman competitors, but also powerlifters, athletes, and even non-competitors looking to increase their strength and muscle mass.

Bottom line? I have a proven track record and know how to coach people to get them the results they want!

As I mentioned before, online coaching is $150 for 8 weeks, and the application process is FREE. Stop wasting your money and potential on mediocre trainers and coaches and let Primal deliver you the results that have led to so much of our success!

If online coaching and the personal attention isn’t your thing, be sure to check out my eBook programs that are available for immediate download on my Training Programs page!

Lift Heavy. Lift Local.