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A commonly overlooked aspect in your training is the development of mental toughness.

A lack of fortitude will prevent you from pushing yourself in your training to achieve your fullest potential. Not only that, a weak mind will carry over into your life, your relationships, and your career.

Show me the strongest lifters in the world and I will see some of the mentally toughest. Show me the average, and I can guarantee you they are mentally weak and not living up to their potential.

Mental toughness can be developed. It is engrained in us through life experiences and overcoming obstacles. The problem is, many times we do not seek out those experiences.

We coast in our careers. We coast in our hobbies. We coast in our training.

When we coast, we settle for mediocrity and become apathetic.

Sometimes we need a kick in the ass to jumpstart our potential.

These workouts were designed to do just that.

They are hard. They are a grind. They are painful. They give us the experience we need to build mental toughness and strengthen our minds to take on more rigorous training and to keep busting through plateaus.

In This Book You Will Learn:

A background on mental toughness

Lessons on how I developed mental toughness through my own tough life experiences

20 workouts I’ve used to improve mental toughness

Are you up to the challenge?

Build your fortitude, get started with Mental Toughness Training!


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