Live in Your Vision, Not Your Circumstances

If you haven’t seen the following post-game speech by Chuck Pagano, head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, you need to watch it.


For those of you that don’t know, he is battling leukemia and has only missed a few games, but was still there to deliver some serious motivation yesterday after a big win.

I’ve watched this speech at least a dozen times since yesterday and something in it struck a cord with me.

“You refused to live in your circumstances and consciously chose to live your vision.”

Man, that is powerful isn’t it?

All of us have circumstances.  Do we let them dictate our lives and limit our ability to succeed?

Primal Strength Camp has circumstances.  For those of you that don’t know, I run Primal Strength Camp on my own and in my spare time.  In actuality, I have a full-time job with the federal government working 40 hours a week, a 9 week old puppy at home, a pregnant wife, and my own training time.  By the time I get home from my day job and training myself, I’m pretty damn tired.

Despite it all, I have a vision.  I refuse to give in to my circumstances.  I will make this a success and help people get stronger.

I trained today after being sick since Saturday, dropping 5lbs in the process, and being sleep deprived and dehydrated…after I worked 8 hours at my day job.  Now at 9pm, I’m writing this post.  No excuses;  I have a vision.

fitness motivation

I encourage all of you to think about your circumstances.  Despite how big they seem, you have to cast them aside.  Fight them with everything you got. You must and will overcome.

If you don’t have a vision, get one.  Everyone needs a dream.  Otherwise your circumstances will dictate your life without a long term goal to strive for.

Circumstances are temporary.  A vision can last an eternity.

If you have a vision, nothing can stop you.

Make that conscious decision and start living your vision.  Be unstoppable.

— Tank

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