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Join Primal Nation to receive two free eBook gifts: A No BS Guide to Increasing Your Testosterone Naturally, and the 10 Primal Commandments, Primal’s guide to life and lifting. Not only will you get these two eBooks, you will also receive member only benefits to include workouts that I do not post on my blog or social media.

You will also get all of my strength training articles sent straight to your inbox (1-3 emails a week), kick ass training advice and motivation, workouts exclusively available to Primal Nation members, and other special offers.

You may also become a part of Primal Nation by training at the Primal Strength Gym. For more information on membership and training details, please go —-> HERE <—-

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4 thoughts on “Join Primal Nation”

  1. Hi Tank,

    Would it be possible to do a video review and coaching of my deadlift form? I’m having a problem feeling locked in and tight on the first rep. If I can get one rep, I can get 4. Otherwise, I’ll miss completely. Reps 2+ feel really tight and locked in. I’d like to see if you notice anything in my setup, from the vids, that’s making the first rep significantly harder than the 2nd.

    If you’re interested in doing this, please let me know what you’ll charge for this. It’d be great if you can provide fee to review my initial and then several attempts at correction over the next month.

    I’ve got a nerve issue in my left arm that i’m trying to get fixed. Once I’ve mitigated this, I’ll sign up for your full Online Coaching.



    I appreciate your time and consideration.

  2. Ladies gents,
    Relocating to your area in the next few weeks and looking to get back into the game. Parenthood and exhausting work schedule kept me to what I could do at night in my home(on a budget as well) look forward to meeting you guys?

    1. Hey Scott,

      Not sure how I missed this one. Anyhow, hope you transitioned here well, and let me know when you want to come and train! — Tank

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