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In February of 2015, Charles “Tank” Tankersly opened the garage doors of Primal Strength Gym in Charlottesville, Virginia. Outfitted with some of the best equipment on the market andĀ filled with some of the strongest lifters in the area, Primal quickly became Charlottesville’s home for eclectic athletes. Our clientele ranges from competitive athletes, powerlifters, and strongmen, to doctors, high-school coaches, desk jockies, and full-time moms. Primal’s wide range of members is a testament to our community of self-development and unity in strength and hard work. We are a family.

Within the first year of opening Primal Strength Gym, our members tallied 11 top three finishes in Strongman competitions around the country- 5 of those being first place wins. We also developed multiple nationally and world qualified Strongman competitors, including our two amazing Pro Strongwomen- Monica Johnson and Abby Deal.

Since then, we have added dozens of top 3 finishes in strongman, powerlifting, and even MAS wrestling. We have become nationally recognized and have been featured on EliteFTS as well as Finding Strength.

“Life is a daily grind, but when you want something bad enough, you will stop at nothing to see it through.”

— Tank, Founder

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3 thoughts on “About Primal”

  1. Hey Charlie,
    Nice to see you started this training program. I see you have been busy. Congratulations on you soon becoming a father. That is so great!
    I totally get needing to do something different in our training routines. I was getting a bit bored with my weight training routine.
    I started doing BodyPump classes to change things up about 6 months ago and have really enjoyed it. I have trimmed down about 8lbs and hope to be able to lose a little more bodyfat.
    Good Luck with the Primal Strength Camp!

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