Always Be the Weakest Guy in the Room

I have a first class training crew at Primal Strength Gym.

Day in and day out, we push each other to be better, to tackle feats we haven’t yet accomplished, and to set higher goals for ourselves that will help us climb the ladder.

Even though I’m a solid 200lbs, my training partners outweigh me by anywhere between 30 to 85lbs. They cut me no slack however, and more often than not, I’m hitting the same weights they are despite the size difference.

Some days I can’t keep up, but I’m better from it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Along those lines, I took part in some very profound moments yesterday during our weekly Strongman Sunday. We had a good turnout with a wide range of participants, ranging from seasoned Strongman competitors to some very green to the sport.

Despite the discrepancies, people were jumping in left and right. Nobody was backing down. The new guys were learning from the vets, and putting up more than average numbers for never having even touched some of the equipment before.

I had one of my smallest guys (but pound for pound one of my strongest and one bad mofo) hit a personal record on the log press, 20lbs up from what he had just set one week earlier. That’s a huge jump for an overhead press.

It was amazing to watch actually, seeing people rise to the occasion and train in synergy with one another. Everyone’s game was elevated because we surrounded ourselves with people better than us in certain areas.

That’s the key to getting better. Ditching your ego, opening yourself up to get schooled by your superiors, and to not back down from a challenge. I’ve said it before, training environment is everything.

That’s why I open myself up to get my ass kicked by my bigger guys.

If you’re the top dog, who will be there to elevate you? Who is going to push you when you need to get better?


A very wise man once told me, “The worst thing a man can do is lose his edge”. To keep your edge, you need to be on edge, and that doesn’t happen if you’re the strongest guy in the room.

When was the last time you were the weakest guy? I’ll admit it may be a bit uncomfortable and daunting. But are you focused on getting better? Or are you focused on preserving your ego?

You will never know your own strength until you come face to face with your weaknesses.

Expose yourself and I guarantee you will be setting yourself up for some of the biggest growth you have ever known. Never be afraid to be the weakest guy in the room.

All the best,

— Tank

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“The worst thing a man can do is lose his edge…”

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